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Exceptional Sprinkler Start-Up Services

After the long, harsh winter months, it's important to service your sprinkler system. Get the maintenance needed to ensure your system performs throughout spring, summer, and fall. Our staff will turn on the water and check for any leaks. We will examine every head to make sure they are functioning, and do the required repairs.

Sprinkler start-up procedure for spring

  • Find your sprinkler main shut-off and vacuum breaker

  • The main shut-off should be in the "off" position

  • All the valves and pit-cocks on the vacuum breaker should be in the "off" position

  • Start the sprinkler main shut-off and turn it on slowly

  • Turn on the sprinkler system valve. When the water stops, your system is charged and ready

  • Turn the dial on your clock to auto and press manual start

  • Check your water meter to make sure it isn’t running

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With regular seasonal maintenance of your sprinkler system, you can avoid major repairs or replacements. Let us handle all the sprinkler hassles. You won't be disappointed with our affordable services.

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American Underground Sprinkler Inc spring start-up services include turning on the waterline for supply, control panel assessment, and program control.